Enoggera and Districts Pioneer Surnames

These names appear as the main names in our Pioneer Surnames folders originally researched by Melva Welch, who is a life member of our society, author of several publications and voluntary local history researcher in Pine River Shire. Our gratitude to Melva for her generosity in providing our society with this extensive collection of researched material. Material subsequently researched may also be included in the folders.


The collection is not exhaustive - in some cases little material has been collated while in others there is an abundance of material, sometimes including family trees and histories, photographs and newspaper articles. Also only the main surnames are reproduced here, but many other details may appear in the folders that relate to spouse/s and children - these extended family names may not be included in this internet list.


PLEASE NOTE: The Enoggera & Districts Historical Society Inc. has many other names within its collection not appearing here - these names are mainly earlier residents of the district and only if mentioned in the Pioneer Surnames folders.


Abraham Adam Adams Affleck Albrecht Albury Alderson Anderson Ansell Antonieff Argent Arkell Arndell Ashton Aspden


Bacch Bailey Ball Baker Bakey Bale Ball Barber Barclay Barker Barlee Barron Barsby Bartlett Batch Batchelor Bates Baxter Baynes Beacher Beasley Beaufoy Beaumont Beckett Beirne Bell Benfield BenjaminBennett Bennison Benson Bentley Bermingham Berry Best Bettridge Bick Biddle Billington Birchley Birkbeck Birley Birmingham Birtwell Bishop Bishop Bizzett Black Blair Blanton Bliss Blocksidge Blume Blumson Boasley Boldman Bone Bond Boreham Bothamley Bourke Bourne Bowman Hall Bracewell Bradshaw Brannigan Brassington Brazil Brennan Briggs Briscoe Brook Brooker Broomham Brown Browne Browning Bryant Bryer Buckingham Bull Brunckhorst Buckland Burchell Burgland Burke Burn Burnett Burrows Butler Butcher Butler Butterworth


Caesar Cameron Carfoot Carter Cash Cassidy Chamberlain Chambers Chappel Charnley Christie Chudley Clare Clark Clarkson Claughton Clair Cleary Clugston Cokley Cole Collins Collinson Coman Connell Cook Cooksley Cooling Cooper Corbett Corrie Corvi Cottam Cottell Cotterell Cox Coyne Craig Cramp Cranshaw Creedy Crellin Cresswell Crew Cribb Crowder Crowe Crust Culbert Cumming Curd Currie Currey Cusack


Dale D'Arcy Darcy Danvers Dartigue Dash Dallas Daniels Davey Davies Davis Davison Dawson Day DeCaux Dennis Derrington Desmond Devlin Dewar Dewey Diamond Dibden Dibdin Dickson Diggles Dittman Dixon Dobbs Dodwell Donkin Doran Dose Douglas Dowie Downey Drake Drew Duff Dunford Dunlop Dunn Dunstone Dyason Dyer


Earl Eaton Eborall Ebzary Eckersley Edmondstone Edwards Elder Elliott Emerson Emery Enser Ensor England Evans Evenden Exley


Farrelly Fehring Felsman Fenwick Ferguson Fernan Finamor Finch Finlayson Finnen Fitzgerald Fitzgibbon Flaude Flavelle Fletcher Flynn Fogarty Foggitt Foon Foran Forbes Foster Fortey Fowler Francis Frankcom Franklin Franz Fraser Free Frigo Frost Fulwood Fulton Fursman


Gagliardi Gallagher Gardiner Gardner Garland Garton Gebbie Geddes George Gibney Gibson Gilbert Gilchrist Gillies Gledhill Goeldner Goode Goodwin Gordon Graham Grant Gray Green Greenhill Gregor Gregory Grice Grieve Grigor Grimes Grindley Grinley Grove Gunnis


Hall Halliday Halliley Hammond Hancock Hancox Hansen Harbeck Harcourt Harland Harrington Harris Hart Hartigan Hartshorn Harvey Haskard Hauck Hawkins Hawthorn Hayes Hayles Hayward Head Healey Healy Heap Hearn Heath Helling Hendy Henerleber Henman Henneghan Henry Herron Herwig Heuser Heyer Hicks Hilder Hill Hindman Hinton Hiron Hoare Holland Holmes Home Hook Hooker Hopkins Hopper Horn Hornibrook Horsey Horsfall Horstmann Hoskings Howarth Howe Hoy Hoyes Hubbard Huckwell Hudson Hughes Hunter Hurley Hutchinson


Illidge Inwood Ireland Isaacs Ives


Jackson Jenkins Jesto Jeynes Johnsen Johnson Johnston Jones Jordan Judd Jull Justns


Kann Kavanagh Keating Kellow Kelly Kennedy Kenny Kenward Kenwood Keong Kerr Keylar Kiddell Kindness King Knight Knott Krebs Kuhnert


Lade Laird Land Lane Lanham Larsen Lawler Lawlor Lawrence Laycock Leckie Lee Leighton Lennon Lent Lenz LePla L'Estrange Leu Levitt Levingston Leving Levy Lilley Lilwall Lincolne Lindsay Lintern Linton Lipstine Lisle Little Livesey Lloyd Long Longland Lord Lotz Love Lovekin Low Lowe Lugg Lutwyche


McAllan McAlister McAllister McArdle McCardle McCarthy McCook McCosker McCulloch McCullough MacDonnell McDonnell McDougall McDowall McDowell McFarlane McGhie McGregor McIlwraith McIntosh McIntyre Mackay McKay McKean McKenna McKillop McKinnon McKone McLean McLucas McMahon McMullen McNally


Madsen Madson Maeneika Makin Manchester Mann Manwaring Mapp Marshal Martin Mason Masters Mather Mathers Mathieson Mauchlan Maundrell Maunsell Meagher Melrose Michael Michel Miles Millen Miller Milliner Mills Millward Millwood Milton Minter Minton Molloy Montgomery Mooney Moore Morgan Morris Morrison Morsch Morse Mott Moy Muldoon Mullen Mullens Mullin Mullins Munday Murphy Murray Murrell Myles


Nash Nacey Neary Neal Neil Neilsen Neilson Nelson Neville Newitt Nicholson Nielsen Nielson Nimmo Nisbett Noon Noonan Nott Nugent


Oakden O'Carroll O'Connor O'Herron Ollerenshaw Olsen O'Malley O'Mara O'Meara O'Meilly O'Quinn Osborn Osborne O'Shaughnessy Otto Outhwaite Ozanne


Packman Page Palmer Parish Park Parker Parkes Parkinson Parnell Parry Parsons Pascoe Pashen Paten Patten Paulsen Peachey Peart Pengilly Perry Pestorius Pettigrew Petty Pettet Pettit Phillips Pibworth Pickering Pickett Picot Pilkington Pingel Pitkeathly Plummer Pollock Pointer Postlethwaite Powell Power Pratt Pratten Price Prizeman Pullen Purcell Pye


Quail Quigley Quilley Quince Quincey Quine Quinn


RBack to TopRadford Raff Ramage Ramsay Rapson Rane Rayment Raymont Read Reade Reastpm Reed Reeve Reid Remington Rice Rich Richardson Richer Rickard Ridler Rilatt Riley Rimmington Roach Roberts Robertson Robinson Rode Roebig Roebuck Rogers Rose Rosenberg Roser Rosser Rossiter Rowe Rowland Rudd Rudkins Ruffles Rumley Russell Rutledge Ryder


Salmon Samuels Sanders Sanderson Sargent Saunders Savage Scanlan Schaff Schmidt Schwarz Scott Scriven Seddon Sellars Sewell Sexton Sharman Shaw Shannon Shire Sigley Silcock Silver Simpson Sizer Skyring Slaughter Sloan Smales Smellie Smith Snape Sneyd Sorensen Sowray Spark Sparkes Speedy Springer Stack Standen Stanley StClair Stewart Stokes Stone Storey Storie Storrie Stunden Summerfield Sumner Sutton Swift


Tarbuck Tait Tate Taylor Tew Thomas Thomsen Thompson Thomson Thorn Thorne Thurlow Tidey Timms Tomkins Tong Towell Trackson Tredenick Tree Trigg Trout Trouton Trump Tucker Twomey


Valentine Valle Vallely Vidgen Vinter Voller Vowles


Walduck Walker Walne Walno Walsh Walters Ward Wardall Warde Warry Waters Watson Watt Webb Webster Wedd Wedmaier Wendell West Wharton Wheatley Wheeler Wherry White Whitehead Whitlock Wickham Wightman Wilkie Wilmington Wilkins Williams Williamson Willis Wilson Winn Wistance Wolff Wolffe Wood Woodard Woodcock Woodcroft Woodland Wool Woolcock Worth Wrigley


Yeats Young