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We currently have the following publications for sale. Please Contact us to make your purchase.

Enoggera District Heritage Trail


Price: A$8.00 plus postage and handling


Researched and written by Barbara Gunn and Maureen Shannon

Typesetting by Melva A Welch. Printed by Snap Printing, Enoggera


The Enoggera District Heritage Trail covers a relatively short distance in that it begins and ends at the intersection of South Pine Road and Samford Road and goes west as far as the shops on Samford Road at Gaythorne.  After travelling South Pine Road as far as Hurdcotte Street, the trail follows this road until it joins Pickering Street and when Samford Road is again met, the trail returns down Samford Road to the starting place.  There are some small diversions to other streets along the way and, in all, forty-six places are pinpointed.


The oldest building along the route is "Killarney" built in 1853 and there are a number of other buildings from the 1800s.  Some places mentioned have disappeared and the authors regret that some important buildings, the cottages in South Pine Road and the Empire Theatre, were demolished in more recent times.  We remember these buildings well, especially the theatre which was an outstanding structure and lives on in the memory of all who danced or saw films there.

The Mitchie Picture Show: The Story of the Nugent Family
and the Mitchelton Picture Theatre


Price: A$6.00 plus postage and handling


Revised 2nd Edition May 2001

Researched and written by Kevin Olivieri


John Nugent erected the first Picture Theatre at 37 Osborne Road Mitchelton in 1916. Renovations and rebuilding were carried out in 1923, 1939 and 1956.  It ceased to operate as a picture theatre in 1959, but the Nugent association with the site did not cease until 1983.


This is the story of the 'Mitchie Picture Show', of John and Jemima Nugent, and particularly of Frank, their only son, and his wife Peg.  The Nugent family, the Mitchelton Picture Theatre, and the residents of Mitchelton were not discrete elements of the community but existed as a integrated regional entity.


The 'Mitchie' theatre located on Osborne Road, Mitchelton opposite the railway station is now being operated as a 'Petbarn' for animal and pet services.  Credit to the owners, over the years,  who have refurbished the outside to resemble the original images of the theatre during its last period of operation. There has also been an attempt to re-create the atmosphere with theatre memorabilia adorning the front inside of the premises.


Between Kedron Brook and Taylor Range


Price: A$10.00 plus postage and handling


Researched and written by Barbara Gunn and Maureen Shannon

Follow Maureen and Barbara on a nostalgic journey through the history of seven suburbs; Gaythorne, Mitchelton, Oxford Park, Grovely, Keperra, Ferny Grove and Upper Kedron, literally from Kedron Brook to the Taylor Range.


Why did 70 Servicemen refuse to parade at Grovely in 1943? Where in today's Brisbane Forest Park was gold mined?  When did Mitchelton Park (previously known as Bell Paddock) cease to be a trotting venue?  How did the Taylor Range get its name?


Find out the answer to these and many more questions in this delightful book.




Heritage Trail - Davidson's Paddock


Price: A$7.50 plus postage and handling


Researched and written by  the Davidson's Grant (Newmarket) Historical Group

The land owned by Robert Davidson was originally inhabited by the Turrbal or Brisbane tribe, Duke of York's clan.  One of their campsites was known as Buyuba, situated on Enoggera Creek near Bancroft Park. 


How did Three Mile Scrub become the suburb of Newmarket?


Read about properties owned by the Bancroft, Free, Brown & Walters, R.W. Thurlow and Cowlishaw families and the history of the beautiful houses built in this Newmarket location that still remain today.


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